Re: OT: Barack Obama's attacks on BP hurting British pensioners

On 10/06/2010 15:06, RichL wrote:

"White Spirit" <wspirit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

That doesn't change the fact that Obama is being frightfully over the
top and is not helping matters in the slightest. The fact that his
vitriol clearly stems from a long-standing prejudice towards Britain
just makes it worse.

I don't think there's a connection in the mind of most Americans between
Obama slamming BP and any "prejudice" toward Britain. There certainly
isn't in my mind. To me, BP is just another too-powerful international
corporation and I don't associate blaming it for the disaster with
insulting British honor (or is that 'honour'?).

His sending back the bust of Churchill and subsequent treatment of Brown were the first red flags, not to mention his ignoring of the Queen in the D-day celebrations. Many perceive his rhetoric against BP to be an offshoot of his prejudice.

Incidentally, do you think that Obama is aware of the ecological damage caused by American companies at Guanabara Bay?


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