Re: Tommy Chong Goes After Former US Attorney That Prosecuted Him for Selling Bongs

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You mean like that concept you explained one time about how slaves in
America were better off than they had been free in Africa on account of
Africans had never figured out stuff like cooking food or wearing clothes or
working for a living until the white man taught them? That kind of concept,
JP? Yeah, that's a hard concept to explain all right.

Oh Gosh! "DG" has image of free and happy people *wandering, laughing
and eating up a storm with these early, white, "Evil Bushes" and
Haliburton-Cheneys **pursuing them with ***butterfly nets. (not true)

(reading help)

*wandering=to walk or move leisurely
***butterfly nets=term use to denote capture or tool used for capture
more definitions for devil woman....