Re: Oooops....things are getting warmer for the Warmies!

"T-Man" <hammondeer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On 2010-02-16 00:33:02 -0500, Tony Elka <shadowlane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Get help.

That's like Charlie Manson telling the prison guard to get help.

I suppose my "help" should start with the bottom link according to you to
join those that I am sure you feel need NO help.

I tell you who DOES need help. These poor sods you hire.

Here is who needs "help". I guess to you perfectly mentally balanced.

You? As far as I am concerned a prison cell is YOUR help. The only thing
that keeps you out is progressive liberal lack of law in your state.

There he goes, shooting his mouth off again :D
Actually, I can't think of anything (short of a brain transplant) what would
help you, sunshine ;)
What a nasty bag of washing you really are.
christian? CHRISTIAN?