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Michael L Kankiewicz wrote:

I am considering buying a used Mesa B Dual Rectifier Maverick 1x12 combo.

   Sounds like a chain saw .. typically used by grudge players.

  I am a jazz guitarist, and I am wondering if 35W pure class A will have
enough headroom for a *very* clean, loud output.  Or will it be
distorted.  Thanks much.

 IMO you certainly need to play a few of these amps if you really
are a jazz guitarist interested in tone. SS can provide sterile,
bland, loud platform, but nothing bets the warmth of a tube amp.

What WB says...also, I would not focus too much on class of operation, i.e.,
Class A, as much of that is just marketing hype.  Let your ears tell you
what you want to know.

The speaker is a factor that should not be overlooked.  This can have a
marked effect on clean headroom.

Agreed with the above, except to note that Class A is 'supposed' to
provide more 'good' distortion at lower volume levels. You m ay not
get as much clean headroom out of 35 watts class A as you would 35
watts class AB - but there are so many other factors (with speakers
probably chief among them) that even that caveat has to be taken with
a grain of salt. Amps like the Mesas - with bumped up rectification,
are meant to provide big overdrive and distortion. It wouldn't be my
choice for jazz at all - but YMMV. If it sounds good when played the
way you intend to use it - then it's the right amp, no matter what
anyone tells you.