"Yes We Can" buttons no longer selling

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Hey Spewboi, the Dems won another seat in Congress

1 out of how many? LOL

You mean that "victory" against a third party candidate unknown 2
weeks ago? LOL


Meanwhile, back in the real world:


With his approval ratings down from once-lofty levels and Tuesday's
Democratic election losses raising questions about his political
clout, Obama held no special ceremony to mark the anniversary of his
election as America's first black president.

A quick look around downtown Washington confirms that Obama trinkets
are still on sale, but several street hawkers have found little point
in displaying the t-shirts, posters, and "Yes We Can" buttons bearing
the new president's image.

"They stay in the truck," grumbled a vendor who identified himself as
Dick, as he pointed to a rusty vehicle behind him. "They don't sell
any more."

Indeed, Obama's honeymoon with the American people lasted less than
six months.

In July, his popularity dipped even below that of predecessor George
W. Bush in the same period of his presidency.

Since mid-October, it has hovered just above 50 per cent, a
"significant drop" from his earlier numbers, according to Frank
Newport, editor in chief of the Gallup Poll.

"In general, this puts Obama's current ratings slightly below average
for all US presidents since World War II," Newport told AFP, noting
that the ongoing economic problems are contributing to the curb in

On Sunday, even as data released by the Commerce Department last week
showed the United States had emerged from the worst recession in
decades, a monthly approval index by Rasmussen Reports showed 29 per
cent of those polled strongly approve of Obama's performance, compared
to 39 per cent who strongly disapprove.

That left him with an approval index of -10, two points worse than in
September, Rasmussen reported.

"Overall, Americans are not highly satisfied with the way things are
going in the US," said Newport.

And as a consequence, the popularity of Obama merchandise at the
souvenir shops that abound in Washington appears to be taking a hit.

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