Re: Stocks plunge as Obama continues to ruin economy

RichL wrote:

VA is definitely a GOP win, mainly because Deeds is a weak candidate.

There is an interesting phenomenon in VA, they almost always elect a
Governor from the opposite party of whoever they voted for in the previous
Presidential election.

NJ's a tossup (although I predict the Dems will pull it out).

Nope, the Dem is out, and if they thought Corzine was a bum wait til
Christie is in office awhile. He even looks like a character from The
Sopranos. Geez, elect a former lobbyist with a history of abusing previous
elected offices, good plan.

The NY Congressional race has no Republican candidate. I'm sure if
the third-party guy wins you'll claim a victory anyways.

That race has a lot of Repubs worried, they recognize that it could signal a
major split in their ranks. If the snake-handling segment of The Base
deserts them for candidates even further out on the fringe they just won't
have the numbers to challenge the Dems.

You got a link to anything showing evidence of "huge amount of ACORN
fraud absentee carbon copy ballots in NY and NJ? Didn't think so.

Boozer is trying to out-absurd Spewboi. He has his work cut out for him,
but he's giving it his best.


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