Re: Another "hugely embarrassing defeat" for Obama - loses for front-runner Chicago

Libcrusher Smith wrote:

Libcrusher Smith wrote:
Chicago was the FRONT-RUNNER for the OLYMPICS

Uh, wrong. Chicago was in no way the front-runner. For one thing,
there's never been an Olympics in the southern hemisphere, so it was
time. Also, the US Olympic Committee is on the outs with the IOC.
Obama was brought in to try to help smooth things over.

All of which was widely reported *prior* to the decision being made

Of course it was PRIOR to the decision being made, how else could it
be considered the front-runner?????

Put down the bong and read it again carefully, Libsucker--Chicago was *not*
(repeat NOT) the front-runner.

What don't you understand about "His adopted hometown - considered a
front-runner heading into Friday's voting"???

No, Chicago wasn't considered the front-runner, and no number of ex post
facto opinion pieces saying otherwise can change that. You choose to
disregard everything except what you want to hear, including the lack of
influence the USOC has with the IOC at the moment which is a far more
credible reason Chicago didn't get the games than some fairy tale that
somehow the IOC found Obama's ego a turn-off.

Besides, we all know that if Obama hadn't pitched in you'd be blaming him
for not helping, and if Chicago had won you'd be screaming it was all a
payoff for Obama's pals in Chicago, blah blah blah. You have Obama
Derangement Syndrome, you probably check under your bed every night to make
sure he isn't hiding there.