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I've taken my Music Man Sixtyfive out of storage. It's a non reverb
head, with EL-34s. Haven't opened it up yet, but have a question
about the MM phase inverter. There is what looks to be a 12AX7
(currently covered) on the other side. Would this necessarily imply
that this has a 12AX7 phase inverter? Or is there a preamp tube there
anyway with solid state phase inverters?
Noob is curious. Thanks.
You guessed right! That's a great little amp you've got there.

I've got a MM HD210 One*Fifty (Watts RMS) Combo. 4 6L6GC's no
preamp tubes.

If you've got further questions, here's the go-to guy:

Steve Kennedy: st...@xxxxxxxxxx

Have fun! :-) M

Thanks Good (and Monster)! Yeah, I had lots of fun with it decades
ago. But living in NYC where space is such a premium (as in there's
no garage, basement, etc.) there comes a point where you are faced
with financing new things with other things that you'll likely not gig
with again, wonderful as those things might be. Can't stay attached
forever if you haven't even turned it on since 1982!

I'm looking at higher power tiny SS bass heads and a cab to mate it
with for local gigs, and this baby is my choicest sacrificial lamb.
*sniff* : )

Ah, NYC... I lived there too. Hells Kitchen- a 5th Fl. walk up (in the 50's betw. 9th and 10th), then finally, E. 74th between 2nd & 3rd. I still have family there and I'm perm. member of the NYAC on
CPS near Columbus Circle.

Use the MM site I provided to sell it and you'll find a good home for it!

Best of Luck!

:-) M