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Not smoking the good crack lately... obviously. All
female suicide bombers rape-washed into it? Don't
tell me... World News Daily, or something sounding
like that, right?

I fail to understand why you would deny that it's happening with
such vociferous invective, merely because you were unaware of it.

Not familiar with the whole 'smoking crack' meme, eh?
Euphemism for dunderheddity.

Surely it must have occured to you that if this had been widely
reported in the mainstream media - and it has - that you would only
make yourself look not only ignorant of current affairs, or like an
apologist for some pretty nasty repugnant stuff - or both.

So do they buttfuck the male suicide bombers? No female
has ideology enough to martyr herself intentionally?

Look it up yourself. Chechnya, Iraq, Iran, it's the way of Al
Qaeda. Worse, in the Arab Muslim states it is not unusual that a man
can rape a woman and she be the one convicted for it - and even stoned
for it.

Now *that's* something I can get behind... some good Afghani red.

_What's wrong with you?_

Before you make jokes about crimes against women, maybe you
should put down that bong for a minute.. Something you "can get
behind?" First you accuse me of smoking crack and then say you "can
get behind" a women being stoned - by smoking your shit - for being a
rape victim? Not clever nor funny Mr. Cowell, really not at all.

As long as the kewpie doll dances, Will... do you really
think anyone here is taking you seriously? You're letting
*me* know that Muslim women have a hard time?
Pull up your britches... your agenda is showing.

This would excuse your amusement with the Rape of Women as an Al
Qaeda political tool exactly how, Steve?

Will Miho
NY TV/Audio Post/Music/Live Sound Guy
"The large print giveth and the small print taketh away..." Tom Waits