Lepus Chocolatus - Unplugged!

Here's two minutes and fourteen seconds of USDA Inspected Prime
Shuckin' and Jivin' from the Messiah in Chief as he tries (for the
second time) to explain to a New York Times reporter why he isn't
a socialist. Along with the shuckin' and jivin' came several instances
of confused-sounding stuttering and FORTY-SEVEN occurrences
of the interjection "uh," which works out to around one every three
seconds. (My count may in fact be on the low side.)

Please, don't tell me how smart this dude is - he can read, but
he can't think. You idiots have elected a talking head to the
most powerful office on the planet.


Lord Valve
People's Republic of Obamastan (occupied USA)
BaaaarrrrRRRAAAAACCCCKKK!! <Safety!!>