Re: Where did AGA go?

RS wrote:
On Tue, 27 Jan 2009 14:49:42 -0600, JP <JP@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Damn tards killed another one...

Where do you think it went, JP? Look at the start of each of the
crossposted threads. One main 'tard' is all it takes. But aga started
its swirl years ago with the influx of tech-wannabe's who fancied
themselves political masterminds. It ain't gonna recover.

Joe Pasano asking that question is like William Whittakre or that Busby
_____ wondering why he isn't welcomed into the brotherhood of sane, decent, balanced and good-humored, mentally healthy adults.

I've come to appreciate contrast as every bit as valuable as comparison.
Opposite poles are necessary to provide all with a reference point in the dimensions of mental health.

Accordingly, these [-]people exist...

:-) mvm