Re: God bless you, Mr. President

Lord Valve wrote:

I hope you do well. I'll confess I'm not optimistic.
BTW - Aretha was a nice touch. ;-)

You get pretty angry in a lot of your posts. And I'll be honest with
you, the majority of people who may be open to your message will turn
you off immediately because of the lambasting nature of your posts.

This one however is pretty good. Being a skeptic is part and parcel of
politics. You aren't optimistic...good. Challenge the man on his
delivery and what he really does.

That my lambaster is the true Politics in action.

BTW I am amazed at the reaction in DC, the positive vibe that seems to
have people really believing something good can be derived by a

Amazingly I think OB has taken the hate, anger and distrust of all
American politicians that has been in place since Nixon busted and has
us putting it aside.

I for one am optimistic.