Re: Turning MV up - nothing...nothing...Loud!

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I am sorry if I wasn't clear.

This is a 2204. And my other 2204s do this as well but they have some
working sweep range that is tolerable.

Turning MV up (from zero) to a usable volume does this: 0 to 1
nothing, 1 to 2 just a hint of volume but not good for band practice,
2 to 2.1 its too loud for band practice!  This is a 1 meg audio pot
that i just put into the amp to replace the other 1 meg audio pot that
was faulty in a very different way.  The old pot had something either
broken or material that was shorting part of the sweeper, sometimes it
would work and sometimes it would lose half power and the amp would
turn into a transistor radio. It also would do some strange low
feedback or oscillation at certain levels.  The kicker was when I
noticed that by plucking the knob or tapping on the chassis it would
jitter from loud to transistor and sometimes just make a loud pop
noise.  So, I replaced it.  Now I can't dial in a workable volume.

Your current recommendation is to replace this one too.

I can do that and I will but what if the 3rd one does this too?  Can I
try wiring it the opposite way?


Might want to go here and scan this first before you buy any
more...maybe you could get one of each type and see which you

Thanks JP, There is a little bit about adding a R to change behavior
in that link I'll play with that idea first and replace if I need to.

This a CTS Pot Log 1 Meg. I purchased them online. If the second one
I have does the same thing I won't mind telling you the name of the
site but no need to get upset over a couple bucks.

Sometimes you get a bad part...send it back for a new one...