Re: Zepplin Goes Home

Mr. Strat wrote:

I loved their albums...still do. It's just that they sucked live.

Led Zep built their early reputation with their live show. It's too bad the
show you saw wasn't so good, but obviously millions of other people had a
different experience.

They never toured with an opening act. It was always "An Evening With
Led Zeppelin." That's so you had no comparison as to how bad they

Actually they started off as an opening act which must mean they were
touring with other bands. On one famous night the main attraction, Iron
Butterfly, refused to take the stage after Zep had torn the building down
because they knew they weren't going to hold the crowd's attention after the
high-voltage set LZ had delivered.

Hey, you can like or dislike whatever band you please, but it's childish to
pretend your one concert experience with this band is the final word on
their live show when in their day LZ was the top concert draw on the planet,
get real.