Re: OT: Why do Republicans hate working Americans?

DGDevin wrote:
Les Cargill wrote:

Fifty-odd years on, he's considered to have been one of the
best, when the perspective of history is applied. And Kennedy,
media darling and lefty icon, ain't lookin' so fresh from the
same angle.
Absolutely true. That's why I say we won't know how history
treats the guy....

TR just bleeding *invaded* Panama, a pure
land grab, and they put him on Mount Rushmore....


Remember that line in the opening scene of the movie Patton? Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser. Almost everything Bush has touched has turned to shit, so exactly why would history decide in years to come that he actually did a good job? What looks like crap today but will be revealed as gold in a few decades?

Who knows? What looked like crap for other Presidents at the close of term has been judged as gold by historians.

"Theodore Rex" is an eye-opener.

The trashed economy, the contempt of America's allies, the loss of jobs to China and India, the thousands of dead American troops sent looking for fictional WMDs, the use of torture--what exactly are Bush's positive accomplishments?

Depends on what bears fruit as time goes on. Of the things you listed,
none of them are particularly assigned to them other than torture. The
"fictional WMD" problem... is sheep bleating. Sorry. The 'sting' part
of the strategy known as fait accompli is exactly based on uncertainty itself. Intelligence is always wrong.

IMO, we mine the harbors and close off all international interaction
or we accept a certain level of error. Can this be improved on? Don't

Our allies are entitled to all the contempt they can carry.

History is already judging Bush, check out The Limits of Power by Andrew Basevich, and keep in mind this guy is a conservative.

The synopsis on Amazon for that looks very promising. Thanks for
the reference. "in citizens' appetite for unfettered access to resources, they have tacitly condoned the change of military service from a civic function into an economic enterprise."

I... kinda agree (the citizenry is culpable ) but surely he knows
why this is. If there is blame, there is blame for all the world.

Conservatives have the most axe to grind with the Bushies.

Les Cargill


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