Everyone have a good Christmas?

So why so few are posting today? At the alleged after-Christmas

Of course, it's also another occasion to be thankful for,
but I was miserable yesterday - sore joints, backache,
unenergetic and mostly uncomfortable. Weird, and
even getting sloshed didn't really help.

Would have like colder weather, but sometimes it's like the
bleedin summer on Christmas day over here.

The food was good and everyone else was in a fair mood,
but this year, everyone in my immediate family decided
not to exchange gifts but make sure the kids got presents.
We all know who to thank for the wonderful economy, right?

However, things could be worse - could be jobless, homeless
or starving or in a war zone. Could have been stranded in
storm and not even reach destinations on time.

It's hard to be cheerful when feeling physically out of it.
But not only do I have a *lot* to be thankful for, there's
still enough optimism to keep me pushing ahead and
not giving up. Here's hoping all of you all too.

However, it would have been a lot better if that $700 billion
had been divided among our population of 305,493,081
and counting http://www.census.gov/main/www/popclock.html
instead of going to all of those swindling money changers,
usury agents, loan sharks, credit card slimes, sleazy money
grubbing bankers, financial crooks and that entire institution
of middlemen making money off of workin stiffs and causing

Guess we'll have to see if Obama keeps his promises even
though we also need to be part of the solution as well.

God help us all!