Re: election four years you'll all be crawling back under the rock that you
came from. It happens everytime (Carter, Clinton, Obama). Us conservatives
will always be here, to clean up the mess they'll (liberals) make again.Get
some balls! They'll need them this time.

"the verdict" <lordkoos@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
In 2004, there was talk about how "the people have spoken" and how
this was a "clear mandate" that gave Bush "political capital".
However, if that was the second straight questionable election which
hung on one state which resulted in under 300 electoral votes, a
questionable 3% popular vote spread, then this year's results can only
be called one thing:

A total, complete and utter ass kicking - a rejection of conservative
policies, republican "values" as well as politics of fear and hate.