Re: Could it come to pass....?

The Nice Mean Man <hitherandyon@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On Oct 11, 7:14 pm, "RichL" <rpleav...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
IBen Getiner aka The Nice Mean Man <hitherand...@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I see you've found a new playground since you're not getting the
response you're looking for in the old one.

Had you come around about a year ago, you might have found a
receptive audience. Too bad, now there's really only one of your
sort left here, and *that one* is on his last legs.

Hows that search for the confederate theme park going?

I don't need to seach for it... I LIVE in it.

What's the matter, Ritch....? Was my portrayal of Obama inaccurate?

Museum pieces and tombstones. Heh.