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Like I need to say "OT" here. Ha.

Anyway, I was impressed by Tina Fey's impression of Palin, but thought
that the 'ditzy' bit was overplayed. Then I saw the original
interview with Palin. Damn! Apparently Saturday Night Live doesn't
need their writers any more:


I'm sorry my little buddy! I forgot that you were here. OK, here's
one that may be more to your liking:

It's a convincing argument about intelligent design, and how the world
was created for all of us. And especially for you.

[NOTE: That clip is for real. That is not a spoof.]

Did you see this youtube comment?:

"But why did god design my dick to fit perfectly into your mouth? Oh yea,
because he has a plan for all of us. Haha. Oh that crazy god...."