Re: And,... The Palin Email Hacker Is........

Spender wrote:
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Rich Koerner <richk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Who's his father.....?
Oh,... is couldn't be a Democrat.

It would have to be. Repugs couldn't do it :-)

Oh yes, the republicans are strange animals. On the one hand they can
rig voting machines and conspire to fly commercial jets into
buildings - after rigging the main supports with explosives so they
can bring them down in a dramatic way, but they could never fish out
the answers to people's Yahoo email security questions.

Don't forget they intentionally rigged the financial system to implode so
they can cash in on a huge bailout, and the next stage of the plan is the
deliberate destruction of the whole economy so they can profit from
establishing fascist rule during the deep depression they *want* to occur.
You won't see the mainstream media reporting this of course (they're all
controlled by the shadowy overlords) but there are plenty of "progressive"
websites where you can get the truth, for now.