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Thanks for your response Brian.

Normal sharp corners aren't a problem, but the rounded ones are. Here
are some pics of the JTM45 amp I built, and the failed corners!

Overlapped like you said, and made a cut at the 45 deg mark, and still
ended up with a point. So pushing down on the corner helps elmininate
pointy corners? Im gonna mock up some corners and use my leftovers and
keep practicing then.


Brian Hill wrote:
"Meanstreet" <aussiepa...@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi guys,

Have built a few cabinets from scratch and tolexed them, however have
not been able to finish off the corners. Not the normal 90 deg corners
but rounded corners. Ive always ended up with a pointy corner regardless
what I do? Ive included a pic hopefully it shows up.

Anyone here had some experience with tolexing rounded corners? Ive seen
a few tutorials but they dont show me what I need to know. Any help
would be appreciated.


I almost have to show you but I'll try to explain. Apply the tolex to the
side leaving plenty of overlap on both sides and wrap over the top of the
cab about 2" in from where the top tolex will cover ( later you will trim
this to about 1/2" in from the edge of the top covering tolex or to where
the inside of the chassis strap will be approx! and same on bottom of cab)
Now with the tolex in place you will push the tolex down on the corner and
make an incicion slightly off the 45 degrees twards the top. Heres some
paint pics I made to help explain:

PS make sure you cut back far enough on the radius so yo don't get a pointy
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Yea It used to be a bitch for me as well. Are you using good glue and
letting it set up good so it stays??