Re: Yeah, OT, but I've got a beef

"Elvis Kabong" <ampscience@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
What's with so many males in this country with crew-cuts or
the Ollie North hairstyle?

It looks like they are in the military or they want to join the military,
in a military school, a military groupie or some
punk-ass skinhead.

Wasn't it the nazis who invented the crew-cut?

It certainly appears to be a backlash against anything from the 60s.

Has there been an epidemic of hair lice or some other sort of

I let my hair grow out for winter but have it short for summer,
but it's not like I have it all shaved off or get a dorko crew-cut.
I sho as shit don't want to look like a some fuddy-duddy.

Sure, styles change, but I can't believe how many males look
like monkey see, monkey do trend followers as if there is some
sinister force behind lookin' like a stinkin' nazi to be in the "in

Any ideas anyone?

lol...WHERE YOU BEEN, DAD ? Sitting home listening to CSNY singing
'Almost Cut My Hair ' ?