HELP! Need tubes info quick!

Jim, others, plz, I need some info on this amp I got for testing.
It is a russian-made 60W dual channel 'novik' head that looks to have
five 12ax7's and 2 6L6's.

Except the tubes are labeled (in russian):
6H2n-EB (which is the same as 6n2b-eb, 6CC41 I gather) Heater
voltage 6,3V

Now this is NOT 12ax7 - it has an extra ground it a regular
12ax7 fits the socket but won't even light up. I tried :-) BUT I tried
a 12ax7EH - are they different? Would a 12ax7WA have that necessary
extra ground pin? Because I found some Novik info that the original
tubes are hard to find and a 12ax7WA should work, but it remains a
mystery to me whether a 12ax7WA really does, when an EH definitely
doesn't? Does it have an 'extra ground'?

Power ones are 6n3C-E which I understand is 5881? a 'short' version
of 6L6? (Thus "Sovtek" 6L6WGC small-base 6L6 should also work there?
But I guess I can find 5881's easy too, if that really is the right
tube there.)

I'm VERY anxious to get this sorted, I mean, what tubes can I put in
it, are those readily available, as the current tubes are well on the
way out, at least preamp tubes are. There were weird crackles etc. on
them, which I got rid of by swapping their positions...but some of
those are way past their prime so I'd want to re-tube the whole thang.

Because this amps is indeed the shit when it comes to sound. I plugged
it into 2xGreenbacks... Well the cleans are pretty fendery, albeit
with a slight break when pushed that I like, but nuthin' really

But when I put on the lead channel...cut the presence some...gain at
maybe past 1/ what a tone. Warm, soft, sustainy, not at all
saturated...I was flying up and down the neck and it just SINGS
something fierce, yet stays really well distortion, just
ultimate scream and ROCK tone to the max. Like a Marshall bluesbreaker
but stays intact. Like a plexi but doesn't kill you with the high
overtones. Like a Marshall but still rounder like a fender. And not
obscenily loud either at that sound point at all, but of course rather
powerful. Hard to explain but kills all my current rigs, kills the 50W
marshalls, kills the VintageModern - and by far. Even though it was
pretty damn loud it just sounded so sweet and so lethally screaming at
the same time I've never met such tone, except maybe a bluesbreaker at
DAMN loud and with a little extra gain from some box up front.

So I really REALLY want this amp now...but first I need to know where
and what tubes to put in it!?!?! I guess the main thing is: which
12ax7 tubes have that have an 'extra connection to ground'?

If anyone can help...?

p.s. just found a schematic for conversion to 12ax7's...

Still, if there's a way to not do that but find some fitting tubes

More info; these apparently go by the name 'Red Bear Amps' also, same site:

But this has a label saying NOVIK602.

Damn I don't have any chance to find tubes for it or do any testing
this week...I don't want to let this slide my hands because I can't
get tubes for testing...