Another filter cap discharge question - Plate pins to ground?

I found this method while researching a better alternative to the BFSD
method of discharging the caps:

"I use the discharge method mentioned in Webers book - Unplug the
Place an alligator clip jumper cable from the 1st pre-amp tube plate
1 or 6) to chassis ground. Turn the power switch on(and standby
if it has one). Wait 5 minutes or so. Place a second jumper from
power tubes plate (pin 3 on a 6L6 or 6V6) to chassis ground. Wait
minute or so. That's it. I leave the jumpers in place while working
the amp to discharge any juice that might build back up in the caps
the amps on the bench. Good luck and be careful.
Jeff "

If I use this method, would I still need to use a resistor in series
between the jumper clips, to avoid an arc? Or does this method use the
built-in resistance of the tube/circuits, eliminating the need for a
resistor buffer?

Secondly, if I use this method, connecting two jumpers between the
preamp tube plate pin (1 or 6), and the power tube pin 3, and leave
them on for the duration of my repair, I would NOT have to re-drain
the caps because they wont re-charge as long as the jumpers are in

Thirdly, if the jumpers are on the plate pins to ground, can I still
hook my DMM to the positive cap leg and to ground - to make sure there
is no juice left?

Thanks again! I'm getting there!!