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Willy doesn't win them all, but I think Willy won this one. However this
line illustrates what we can only describe as torture testing, I have amps
I'm not sure would survive this:

I finally found that sitting on top of the amp would kill the buzz.
You want to argue with what I said about this
Mogami scam-spamMulayposted, you go right ahead. Tell
us about arcing and contact pitting in guitar cables and the
need for vacuum-type magnetic reed switches to prevent it.

Willy spikedMulayinto the sod so deep on that one that allMulaycould do
in response was cut n' paste someone else's words, poetry no less, a sure
sign that he knows he has nothing to say on the factual side of the
discussion. Ah well, buying overpriced speaker cables helps to keep the
economy moving, and Pres. Bush did tell Americans they could fight terrorism
by going shopping. Think how much of the guitar-related or entertainment
electronics industries would collapse if suckers stopped buying hyped-up

Douglas George here lives to detract as best he can from the lives of
others. Rather than post any of his playing, or anything about how to
play better (ex/ modes) he repeatedly questions other's lives and
accomplishments- why would he do that in deference to relaying stories
of his own? :-). He likes to attempt to nail others for being
unoriginal (Ex/ Ed), but when he *sees* something original another has
done (Ex/ modes), he accuses "plaigerism!" - despite the fact that
it's original work, attributable only to ah, mvm! He can't stand a jam-
along audio, -because he himself can't play very well, so like
william, THAT draws whines, accusations etc. (Ex/ my Walter Trout
stuff w/ Monkey; ...this makes them go
nuts with complaints, etc -and it makes me and many others in AGa
smile...DANCE my puppets! :-). At any rate, he seems to like william -
perhaps it's something of a "the enemy of my enemy must be my friend"
sort of mentality-- any rate, every few months his needle sticks on a
losing attempt to discredit me, -and he plays right into the negatron
beam "mob / coward / pitchfork 'n torch" bit -william's forte'. :-)