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To be clear, though, he can use a pair of 16's in parallel to get 32. I was
guessing that the small physical size of a pair of 16u 450v (I've used them
in a build this way) would let him put them just about any place he wants.
Or is there still a voltage problem in parallel? He needs 600v rating

Sprague doesn't offer a 16u/600v...only 10 and 20u. If you go parallel
they have to be 600v. Series has to be double the value you want to
end up with and either 350 or 450v (voltage adds but value is

Thanks. I get the series parallel part with the uf. What I didn't understand is the voltage rating, that in parallel, each cap must be rated to the desired voltage, whereas in seriies you add the voltages. I get what you are saying, which is that he's got to use series to up the voltage rating.

I was referring the the cheap Weber caps. Bargain priced, if you ask me. He can get a pair of 40's for very little money and wire them in series. I think it would be a good result. These days, as I see it, cap manufacturing has come a long way, and even Weber's low priced caps are probably at least as good as the OEM of the day. He says his amp dates from the 60's. I recognize some argue that brand = quality. But search this NG for some tests Mike Schway did on Illinios vs Sprague. IIRC, the Illinios were actually better. So much for perceptions.

Lots of great discussion on this subject....just what this group should be about...thanks!