Re: RIP - TamPaxDC, air guitarist

The Repair Guy wrote:

Lord Valve <detritus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Try this, from around a year later, same venue:

I'm on "Feel So Bad."
There was some audio of a later show at Cervantes -
last year, I think - but I don't know where it went.

Pretty good.

Thank you - really.

I've been woodshedding 3-5 hours a day, 6 days a week.
Had to lay off for awhile, damaged myself with too much
practicing. (Tennis elbow on the right, shoulder and
bicep tendonitis on the left.) Lost 40 pounds, though -
musta forgot to eat or something. ;-) I'm going to be
doing Friday nights at a joint called "Milagro's" here
in Denver, backing up Mojo Watson. Straight-ahead
blooze ain't exactly my favorite thing to play, but what
the hell - it's $100 for two sets, and the joint is six blocks
from my house.

Only hearing a couple songs,
you sound like more of a lick player than a
melodic player. ?Well, it was his tune, his arrangement.

Not much time for melodic stuff when all you get is two verses.
I have some tunes I've written that are decent. Like I said, I'll
have some more stuff up as soon as I can.

You would've sounded way better if Derek
hadn't played on the same song. The boy
can definitely play slide...

Yeah, he ain't too shabby. ;-)

And he's three years better than that recording, now.
Currently, he's touring with his old lady and his younger
brother, Duane - two trap kits, like the Allmans. I can't
say I care for double trap-kit bands, but they seem to know
how not to step on each other. Obviously, though, they
have to plan a lot of stuff in advance, and that cuts
down on improvisation. I heard them ("Soul Stew
Revival Tour") when the tour was only two cities old,
and there were some rough edges. (Not that anyone
who wasn't an accomplished musician could've told
the difference - the clams get smaller and smaller as
you get better and better. ;-) They still rocked the
house down. BIG house, too - SRO.

Lord Valve