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Steve wrote:
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I'm getting ready to unload my Fender Deville and Blues Deville as I
just can't stand the muddyness and i've tried some mods with only
slight noticeable change. I don't need an overdrive channel as I have
good pedals.

What 35 to 50 watt tube amp covers most styles really well?
Classic Rock, Blues, Country.

A *real* Super Reverb or Pro Reverb.
Like it or not, real or not isn't important here I believe, what matters
is the *tone*.


For you to say that, you have not been to bed with the *real* things then.

You don't know me pal. I own more vintage amps than you can imagine.
Among them: 1964 & 1965 Super Reverb's, 1959 Bassman, 1965 JTM 45, 1963
Vibroverb, 1964 AC30, and the list goes on for another 40... Plus 2
original 1959 LP's, 1 1956 LP, 5 Pre-CBS Strat's, 2 Pre-CBS Black-Guard

I know more about the *tone* of these amps than you ever will.

Till then, blow up dolls will have to due.

You're a funny guy, you know that?


I was born yesterday, and don't know a thing.


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