Re: Vox AC30 - age and type?

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From what I can tell I think mine is very late sixties/early
but I'd like to have a more definite idea.

Hi Angus,

can you tell us a little bit more about the cosmetics of the amp.


Hi Jochen, any thoughts from these pictures?

Anybody else?

All the best,
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Here's one but in good shape...

JP, do you have any idea how close the circuits in those AC30CC's are
real "vintage" ones? Do they use tube rectifiers? I have one of the
ones and I've been considering getting the CC for when mine goes in

No, but someone here probably does. I looked at the sales hype and it
is an interesting amp. Might try one and see if you have a dealer
close.Thier tech can probably tell you the skinney in the amp and
circuit board also. The vox website has info and customer service
might be able to answer all of your can just ship that
old Vox to me and not have to worry with the damned old thing anymore
if ya want sound just fine with my SRV

Just checked the Vox site...the tube complement for the CC includes a
GZ-34, which is a rectifier I guess that answers the question.

If you're interested in my old Vox, I'll ask my kids to post a notice
upon my death. Until then -- no way! It's my favorite amp (when it's
working correctly, that is). It has the Celestion greenbacks in it, at
point if I can get my hands on some Alnico blues for a decent price I'd
probably swap those in.

I actually tried out the new Brian May model (AC-30BM) which has an
treble booster as well as a switch that takes two power tubes out of the
circuit, lowering it to 15W. Unfortunately the setting didn't allow me
really crank it up and give it a proper evaluation. Besides, they wanted
$2300 for it, which at the time was a little too steep for my blood!

Think the kids would wait for a reply? Mine would pawn it so they
could go spend it

Actually both of my sons play and they're both lusting after that AC-30 as you may have to wait another generation ;-)