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I answered him MONTHS ago.

Should be no trouble to type one more
sentence, then.

Perhaps I should have been more clear...
what is the mission in Iraq *today*?

"Today" it is to mindfuck libs like you that don't have a clue. To
everybody else it's the same it's always been - to stabilize the
country and make Iraq a non-threat to her neighbors and the US.

We invaded to stabilize the country... yeah,
right... look at it now. That place is trashed.
All the good, smart people are either dead,
leaving, or wishing they were leaving. Without
the secular middle class it will become a Shiite
shithole, further polarizing the Middle East.
Iran now has a rich buddy! Look what we did
for our buddies, the Iranians... took out their
local opposition. I'll bet they contributed to
W's 2004 campaign.

Thanks for answering the question, Dave.


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