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Dave Curtis wrote:

While you are measuring inside a life amp, only ONE hand may touch
chassis. The other one is in your pocket, you sit on it, or it is
elsewhere, but it *must not* touch the chassis.

"Left Hand Rule". That's the one to keep in your pocket.

Is that such a good idea if I'm left handed?

Yes, unless your heart is on the right side of your chest, then put
your *right* hand in your pocket.


Dave, it seems to me it doesn't matter which hand. If you complete the
circuit, the heart is in it regardless of which way the current's flowing.
One hand, no completed circuit, regardless of which hand. If there's only
one point of entry, whether it be the left or the right hand, there's no
pathway to the heart.

Is this oversimplified? Am I missing something?

If the circuit is from your left hand through your feet your heart is
directly in the current path. Not (as much) so for the right hand
through the feet,

The important thing is to not become a conductor, whether you keep a
hand in your pocket or not (I normally don't).

If my feet are well insulated, I can touch a live conductor without
getting "lifted".

Dave has a really good point here. I wear rubber soled shoes and stand on a
rubber mat. If my hands are sweaty, I don't do live circuit work. As the
say in my line of work (accounting), we like to put a belt and suspenders on