I have NO problem with cleaner air, and I do want to be independent from
imported oil.
I just refuse to buy some crack pot science that says we are responsible for
the direction the world turns.
It is a known FACT that the earth has had "Extreme Cliamate Changes" 4 times
in the past, all of which
occured before the human race set foot on this planet, to blame us for it is
Lets fix the polution issues we cause WITHOUT ruining out economy to do it,
isn't THAT patriotic?

"Elvis Kabong" <ampscience@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

"Marty" <xspamxshowam1@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
You don't like the source?
How about PBS?

Like I said, the earths temp changes.... with or without us.
I remember in 1970 the big scare was another ice age... in 5 years?
backed up by the tree huggers in droves... still waiting on that one too.

THE issue is "Extreme Climate Changes".

It's a fact that human induced cabon dioxide levels are steadily rising
ever since measurements initially were taken in the 40s.

What if it is a false alarm? What harm will be done if we err on the
side of caution? Have fresher air to breathe? Is that such a bad thing?
What about fuel efficiency? More money to spend on other things?
Is that such a bad thing? What about not being dependent on OPEC
which funds terrorists? Not being addicted and less terrorism? Is that
such a bad thing?

It's patriotic.

"TPS" <theron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Interesting. You'll let us know the peer-reviewed journal in which
research and findings are published, of course - right?

"Marty" <xspamxshowam1@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
We have been in a global warming state since the last ice age, it
over and over and has nothing to do with us...

Maybe brontosaurus farts caused the last one?

"Lord Valve" <detritus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Last night's official low, MINUS 18 degrees (Fahrenheit, of course -
real ones) for a new all-time record for this date. It was 8 below
I was driving to work. Hell, it might get all the way up to +15 or

Sweltering, huh? I can see the oceans (both of 'em...we're kinda
elevated here) rising rapidly. I'm gonna go buy some hip waders,
just in case. If the sea level doesn't become a problem, at least
they'll be usefull for wading through all the Global Warming
bullshit on this NG.


Lord Valve
Globally Warm