Re: '65 Fender deluxe reverb blackface - what should it sound like?

Thanks for telling me about that highpass filter on the volume
control. I looked at the the schematics and see that, yes, it's there
on the vibrato channel!
(see 2nd to last page)

That explains alot!

Does the rectifier tube (5AR4/GZ3) make much difference in the sound?

Thanks for your posting!


On 3 Feb 2007 20:59:28 -0800, "Valvesmith" <timba.eisen@xxxxxxxxx>

The 65 Re' DR has a 100 watt Jensen installed. The original speaker
had some nice break up. 100 watter, not so much. DR amps have a high
pass on the volume control, like a bright switch you can't turn off.
A pair of wire cutters fixes that. Deluxe Reverbs are my favorite
amp. The 65 Re' needs that high pass cut out, a 35 watt C12Q reissue
Jesen or Greenback and a better 5AR4/GZ34.