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..and who cares ? What does this have to do with AMPS ? It's crap.
Why don't I just start posting fragments of the Qu'ranic Sura's, or
references to articles from Sports Illustrated (and NOT the swimsuit

PMG (Pete): Ain't you got nothin' better to do. Why not make tamales
Who cares about Dobie Gray.....?

I've stayed away for awhile, and just posted an AMP RELATED inquiry.
But I doubt any knowledgeable amp-heads will see it cause they'be
probably all
'jumped ship' from this NG.

I don't mind *some* You Tube posts, but it's getting a bit out of
IMO. It would be nice if they were at at least prefixed with
to let people know what the messages contain ahead of time. More
than not, I've clicked into a thread that I hoped was discussion but
was just another You Tube link. Personally, I know how to search for
stuff on the web and, if I'm interested in checking out some videos, I
know how to find them.

Why not take a shot at responding to my Power Supply Filtering post of
earlier today ?
I figure you could offer some good advice on this.

I'm not a tech at all; I'm just a player who reads this group in the
hope of picking up some useful information. I did read your message
but there is absolutely nothing I could help you with there. Hopefully
someone with some technical knowledge will be able to offer you some
insight into power supply filtering.

Oops...I think I had you mixed up with Rich K., the amp Kahuna. Sorry.