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Britons tire of cruel, vulgar US: poll

People in Britain view the United States as a vulgar, crime-ridden
society obsessed with money and led by an incompetent president whose
Iraq policy is failing, according to a newspaper poll.

The United States is no longer a symbol of hope to Britain and the
British no longer have confidence in their transatlantic cousins to lead
global affairs, according to the poll published in The Daily Telegraph.

The YouGov poll found that 77 percent of respondents disagreed with the
statement that the US is "a beacon of hope for the world".

As Americans prepared to celebrate the 230th anniversary of their
independence on Tuesday, the poll found that only 12 percent of Britons
trust them to act wisely on the global stage. This is half the number
who had faith in the Vietnam-scarred White House of 1975.

A massive 83 percent of those questioned said that the United States
doesn't care what the rest of the world thinks.

With much of the worst criticism aimed at the US adminstration, the poll
showed that 70 percent of Britons like Americans a lot or a little.

US President George W. Bush fared significantly worse, with just one
percent rating him a "great leader" against 77 percent who deemed him a
"pretty poor" or "terrible" leader.

More than two-thirds who offered an opinion said America is essentially
an imperial power seeking world domination. And 81 per cent of those who
took a view said President George W Bush hypocritically championed
democracy as a cover for the pursuit of American self-interests.

US policy in Iraq was similarly derided, with only 24 percent saying
they felt that the US military action there was helping to bring
democracy to the country.

The Brits aren't very happy about anything really... not even

But, surely Paxi-man will disagree with the statement by the BBC that..

"In almost every developed country, happiness levels have remained
largely static over the past 50 years - despite huge increases in income."

Ummm... "huge increases in income"..??? Paxinomics tells us this
can't be... or, Proffesor Paxi will tell us how all the 'income' has
only gone to the rich. We can't expect the BBC to get it right
either, right Pax..???

From the BBC... "One recent table has Switzerland as the happiest
country, followed by Denmark, Sweden, Ireland and the USA. Britain
comes eighth."

Dang... I don't think the Swiss seem all that 'happy'...


Oh No!

A few Euroweenies don't like the way we live here in the States!

How will we ever cope with the damage to our collective self esteem?

We should just give up and join Mexico or something.

In Leftwing Mind Theater, disgruntled Europeans never existed until
GWB was elected.