Re: OT: A better article about those Iraqi WMDs

"Abig Muckingfess" <ken.wilson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message >
What? You consistently call people liars,

I only bring attantion to their lies.

use uppercase to indicate
your shouting,

When I have to repeat, I will do that to point out what they missed in a
previous thread.

swear at them and dance circle every time you get
caught misspeaking.

Post an example, and do include sufficient info to read the entire post.

Then you dance and cry foul if it happens to you.

I only cry foul when someone intentionally lies, and stated that I have said
something that I have never posted.

You claim to be a libertarian but you're a text book case of a Bush

There you go again with that dishonest claim. Why do you find it necessary
to lie like that?

I have repeatedly posted a long list on areas where I disagree with the
Administration, and in the last few days I have repeated that I did NOT
trust what Bush had to say when the NSA story broke.

How can I do NOT TRUST his word get twisted into apologist?

You don't think on your own but parrot everything you can
pick up off the right.

More dishonesty!

ALL of the defining issues on the Right I disagree with like Intelligent
Design, Abortion, Gay Rights, Schiavo...

How did you get so out of touch from reality?