Re: OT: Rove To Be Indicted

"Mr Soul" <google@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:...
> >The Notary HAS to witness the signing
> Once again, you aren't reading what I'm saying. Sure they witness the
> signing but they don't sit there & watch you read the doc's.


>>I have also managed a MULI-MILLION dollar businesses with over 100
> Good for you. And why aren't you doing that anymore?

My entire life was about that job, and that business, and that cost me my
first marriage. I would rather make far less money and do something that I
really enjoy. Most guys I know that do what you do with computers got into
that because they enjoyed it, more than it being a way to make a living.
Doing what you like is a far better way to make your way in life.

See ya,