Re: Idea For This NG

On 16 Sep 2005 15:43:47 -0700, "RichCI" <richci@xxxxxxxxx> did
courageously avow:

>Zootwoman wrote:
>> Guncho wrote:
>> > Why don't we just change the name to OT:Blah Blah Blah American
>> > Politics?
>> >
>> > Anything guitar amp related would be OT at this point.
>> >
>> > Chris
>> How would that be different. That's like claiming that yo are saving
>> daylioght by shifting the time you get up in the morning and go to bed
>> at night. OT: works if you use it. Apparently you don't.
>I think a better name would be "Zootwoman's Personal Soapbox."

You'd have a lot more credibility if you attacked *all* offenders
equally. I'm not saying they'd listen but right now all you are giving
is an excuse not to.

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