FS: Sencore LC102 Cap Checker, serviced and calibrated $550 +s/h

Hey, gang:

I'm giving fellow AGA-ers first crack at this gem of a test instrument
before I place it on eBay. $550 plus shipping and Paypal fees. Email
me off-list if you're interested.

It's a Sencore LC102 "auto-Z" cap checker. This, folks, is THE second
best cap checker ever made (the best, being the slightly newer LC103,
but that's only an incremental improvement, and molto $$$$$ more).

It measures cap value (1pF-20F (that's whole Farads), leakage up to
1000V, ESR and dialectric absorption. It also will do inductor tests
(0.1uH-20H), and for you TV repair guys out there, it'll check a flyback
transformer for shorted windings. Cap leakage, ESR and dialectric abs.
measurements are compared against an internal ROM table and an
idiot-proof good/bad indication is displayed next to the measured value.
There is a pull-chart showing acceptable leakage values, but you'll
never need it.

Oh yeah, it'll also "re-form" a leaky electrolytic as long as it isn't a
dead short. Just perform the leakage test for an extended period until
you see the "good" indication. Pretty cool if you have a
long-out-of-production multi-can.

Here's a site which gives a pretty good stock photo of one. Pay no
attention to the vendor, it ain't me.

Only one minor very minor cosmetic blem: One of the plastic windows in
front of the right side LCD display has a slight dimple. The LCD itself
is just fine, it's just the window which has a pucker. No biggie, but
it is visable.

I'm including the LC102, AC power adaptor, rechargeable NiMH battery
pack (normally a $60+ option) and mini-grabber test probes. Right now I
can't find the manual, but I haven't searched everywhere yet...I'm
pretty sure I'll be able to come up with it, though.

OK, here's the really sweet part. The meter JUST came back from
recalibration, and all of the factory-blessed upgrades have been
performed. Work was done at "Choice Electronics" in Sioux Falls by
former Sencore factory techs. (BTW, Choice is THE place to have
out-of-warranty Sencore stuff repaired). You might be able to score
this instrument on eBay for a couple of bux less in rougher condition,
but there's a real good chance it'll have been abused in use and need
servicing. I should know...it happened to me.

Why am I selling it? Well, I just got the latest and greatest LC103.
Basically the same instrument, but it also does some measurements
in-circuit. A used refurb cost me $1400!!! I'm not meaning to
crow...in fact, I'm taking a bath on it, but I need to recover some of
the cost and I don't need two z-meters on my bench.

Like I said, it's going on eBay soon, but I thought I'd give AGAers a
first crack. Respond here or off-list via email. First *serious* reply
gets it. BTW, Sencore sells the same item refurbished in their own
factory for $1000 without the battery. This one is refurbished by
Sencore-trained folks in Sencore's hometown. I'm not sure there's much
of a difference. I'm an equal-opportunity seller...I'll sell this to
anybody; political leaning either way is not a prerequesite. If I don't
close a deal within a week (that will be 9/13), it'll go on eBay.

If you have a serious shop, you WON'T be sorry.


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