Re: ot: why I would never vote for Hilary

On 22 Aug 2005 14:03:17 -0700, "Zootwoman" <zootwoman@xxxxxxxxx> did
courageously avow:

>Lars Overshank wrote:
>> > She's doing a Walter Payton, fake right then cut left. Most
>> > conservatives understand her shifty ways already.
>> Yeah. Like the thread said a while ago, what if her fake to the right
>> fools the wrong side? Pretty funny that the left believes her and the
>> right doesn't. Doesn't exactly bode well for the strategy, does it?
>> Lars
>> "Oopy doopy, we have fun"
>> -Chief Rufflefeather
>I don't believe her. Why would I believe Our Lady of WalMart? You guys
>are the ones with the rigid two dimensional right left labels, not me.
>I lead a 3D life. You still don't get the politics of corporations
>which has nothing to do with the old cold war paradigm other than using
>those labels to obfuscate and confuse the unwashed masses.

Now if they'd just buy some of that cheap soap made by sweatshop
labour that they sell at Mall-Wart they could quickly become the
washed masses.

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