Re: How to change default wia scan file type in photoshop cs5

yeah, CS5 is kind of goofy for scanning.

You have to go to Adobe and D/L something called "PSCS5_OptionalPlugins_Win32"(assuming your OS is 32-bit) and extract a file called "Twain_32.8BA" from the folder OptionalPlugins/Win_32.

Copy/Paste this file into the Program Files/Adobe/Plugins/Import-Export folder.
Now you are good to go to scan from the Photoshop File menu using your installed scanner.


Gary W. Chmura

On 17/12/2011 5:34 PM, MrSatoV wrote:
I'm just sick of it, really. Scan via WIA and you get no option to
save/use any other file format than BMP. So you have to save as
whatever from PS and then delete the BMP.

Is there any way to change this asinine behavior? I mean, BMP? Who
wants BMP? Shouldn't a default always be JPG for anything, other than
PSD these days? I'm sure this is a Windows thing, not Adobe, but
still.... How about some way to scan from a super popular Epson scan/
printer directly without PS CS f'n 5? LOL

PS I'm not really as upset as I make it sound. It's just for
entertainment value. ;-)