Re: Diffue Glow Filter on a Separate Layer?

Why not sinply duplicate the background layer and apply the filter to that?
I guess that's not what you are asking? Are you wanting to have a separate
layer with just the diffuse glow showing minus the original image? If so,
then I'm not sure if that's possible?


"ItsLouieD" <ldubegm@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hey all. Not sure if this is possible... I'm on Photoshop CS5 64-bit.

I have a flat image that I want to apply a diffuse glow to. However, I
would like to have the original image on one layer and the output of
the filter on a separate layer, as opposed to all on the same layer.

I realize this may not be completely possible so here's an alternate
that could work but I'm not sure how to do. Could I take the original
image and "subtract" it from the new image with the diffuse glow?

The ultimate goal is to be able to display the original image on a
bottom layer and then applying the diffuse glow on a top layer without
redrawing the entire image.

Thanks for the help!