Re: Backing up the Photoshop CS3 "activation file"

On Mon, 25 May 2009 15:05:23 -0400, Father Kodak <dont_bother@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

About a month ago, Windows stopped working on my desktop system, so I
had to wipe the C partition and reload Windows and all my
applications. Since I also have CS 3 installed on my laptop, I was
unable to do an online activation when I re-installed CS3 on my
desktop. Fortunately, Adobe will allow you to re-activate CS3 after
you explain the situation to them by phone.

Obviously I don't want to repeat this experience. But I almost did,
when my _laptop_ wouldn't boot up after I made some changes to
Windows. Fortunately I was able to recover this time.

So now I'm thinking that when Adobe activates CS3, it either creates
an "activation file." I know that Microsoft does that when you
activate Windows, and you can back up that file in case you have to

Anyone know if Adobe does the same? File name?

Get Acronis - from that you can if you have a spare Hard drive and you can
connect it to the computer so it becomes a part of the computer - you then chose
the 'Clone disk' and you have an exact copy of your present state of the whole
disk - perfectly legal and perfectly sure - that also get you past having to
contact Microsoft if you disk goes down again - as it will some time. I speak as
one who lost a 200GB and replaced it with a 500GB - everything intact and ready
for use.

B|rge in sunny Perth, Australia