Re: Do I need both these versions.

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I am not too sure how this came about but I appear (I think) to have 2
versions of Photoshop on my PC.
I did get another hardrive as a back up from a friend so maybe came from

Image ready and Adobe photoshop CS
Image ready looks like a lesser version of Photoshop CS
There are also seperate entries in the start menu for each one.
Can I delete one of these?


The *real* 2 copies or 2 sets of icons? If they are 2 *real* copies on 2
separated folders then sure you can uninstall one of them, but it's only
copy but 2 or more ICONS then you can delete any of the icon, or just
them alone won't cost you anything.

I read you mention about restoring some old backup and other drive etc.. I
don't have any experience with these. So I would say delete (I am not
if it can be uninstalled) the version doesn't have any information in the

It is 2 seperate programmes 1 is mine, but unsure how the other arrived
I did go through a period of testing spare (old) hardrives. Old ones I had
or had given to me so that I could keep copies of my pictures and some other
documents on them as a back up.
So possibly the `other` version has originated from there, anyhow the
question has been answered so will uninstall/delete the lesser version.