Re: align the canvas to the image in it

I have an image, that is smaller than the canvas,
and I want to shrink the canvas size to fits the width & height of the image.

How can I do than ?

Thanks :)

Image > Trim.

Of course you could also adjust the canvas size in the Canvas Size dialogue to match the size of the image in the Image Size dialog. It seems that the poster enjoys having PS users post answers rather than actually spending 2 minutes trying to figure it out.

Tim Tayshen

The poster formerly known as Graham Waiffers, Roger Thaat, Watson deMeneux or Jack Skwaht.

Then again, maybe English is not his native language and he has trouble understanding the helpfiles,
as I had, years ago, due to a lack of knowing the right vocabulary to look for almost anything.
Anyhow, I don't care. I'm glad if it helps. I only typed 2 words!