Re: Improve Image Resolution?

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I have low resolution image with many straight lines I want to improve
using PS6. The lines are at various angles with different colors on
each side. I cropped the image into a higher resolution new file with
the right dimensions, but there are large pixels showing.
Something like several black triangles on a white background where all
the edges are showing large pixels.
I can use the pen tool to fill in the color on each side of the line,
but thought there might be an easier way.
How can I draw a straight line at a angle and make one side of the
line one color, and the other another color? But it needs to be just a
short distance past the line so as not to interfere with something
Line tool??

make one side of the
line one color,

can you clarify or post a picture?
one color on each end of the line?
or one bi-colored line, colors run parallel over the length?

It's the "Shell Oil" logo at

The image is only 76 by 70 pixels (1.48K bytes). I need to make a
larger image at higher resolution. This is for some employees
at a Shell gas station.

Just need a methode to improve all the ragged edges so the
image looks better.

I can use the paintbrush to do the job, but thought there is
an easier way.

Either; go here

or trace/redraw with a vector prog like Freehand / Illustrator