Re: Memory available only 1.7 Gig?

On 20 Apr 2007 06:11:27 -0700, SpaceGirl
<nothespacegirlspam@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Apr 19, 9:03 pm, "Mike Russell" <RE-MOVEm...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
MOVE> wrote:
XP Pro will do 3 gigs, of which 2 can be used in CS2 if you use the /3GB
switch in boot.ini .

That's what I thought too... however on the desktop I use here at this
clients office, CS2 can also only see 1.7Gb of the 3Gb available. And
the /3GB option is set.

PhotoShop on my Mac at home sees 3Gb of the 4Gb installed without
problem. Strange.

Not really strange, SpaceGirl.
I mean, at least something must be in Mac's range.
Even if only it can utilize more RAM, there should be a reason for it
to keep on being on the shelves.

Dave (with a broad mean smile)


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