Re: Product Photography

"cbjroms" <cbjroms@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I an just starting-out on taking photographs of each of the products which
my business sells, to put onto a new website.

I want to show each product on the same colour background but have not
been able to find any backdrops that give me the right colour.

So my plan is to take each product against a sharply contrasting backdrop
(of whatever colour) and then change the background using Photoshop -
first, am I on the right lines with this plan?

I have spent a few days going through online Photoshop tutorials - which
have been excellent - but I can still not see a simple way to set a
background colour and then apply it consistently to all my photographs. I
have tried to use the Match Colour function but the pale green background
that is on my 'master' photo turns into a light brown when I apply it to
other photos!

I would be very grateful if someone would point me in the right direction.

Thanks in anticipation.



Not really. It is always much easier and usually better to get it right
when taking the pics.

If you can not find a suitable "real" backdrop colour, what makes you think
a "virtual" colour will be any better.

If you go to the right Fabric Warehouse type outlet, you will find they sell
sheeting in almost every colour imaginable, and in good range of widths.

Roy G