Re: save jpg as tif before editing?

On Sat, 3 Sep 2005 09:14:18 +1000, "Mike Warren"
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>DD wrote:
>> see, there we are at it again. Read what I asked and what you said.
>> Remember, to move a pic to another file or drive, or even renaming it,
>> is RESAVING it. Mike said 'opening it' read unzip and resave do damage
>> but not simply resaving it, like in moving it.
>I guess English is not your native language? I have enough trouble with
>it and English is the only language I know. :-)

LOL - it serves as a compliment that you are not sure;
I like the way you're saying it. On a NG in my own language which is
Afrikaans, there is permanently hassles about grammar. I am also
member on a Netherlands group, and you should hear the fights about
grammar over there.

>I have never heard anyone use the term "Saving" to refer to copying
>or renaming a file.
So didn't I - but it is simple logic that copying is saving somewhere
else. What else is it? And we discussed saving.

>Saving is writing the data in memory (photo editor, word processor etc.)
>to a disk and is accomplished by using a button or menu called "Save" or
>"Save As...".
I am using Total Commander (formerly Windows Commander)
It is a very important part of my setup.
My first computer was a 286 - in 1990 - Windows was new. 286 was top
of the range. There was still people using XTs:-) Then I bought a 386
with Windows 3.1! And later a 486 without selling any of the other.
That was the time when condoms was sold and plastic bags was free.

>I am however, confident that you do understand the meaning of what I said.

I do Mike, and thanks. I should explain that I am only working on
photos seriously, relatively new. Earlier years I simply buggered
around with HTML, Java Scripting as well as always also having a
notebook in my office for the sake of spread sheet facility.
JPG's? Ja'a... but simply on HotDog & Dreamweaver type programs.
And I was over the years aware of the differences in ideas of what we
discussed now, but never really worried about it, until now when my
interests changed, and it became important.

Thanks for your contributions as well as JM, Hecate and the rest.