Re: Black Thumbnails

"Drew Faber" <drew@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> What causes some PSD thumbnails to be formed black?
> What can I do to eliminate this effect?
> Thanks,
> Drew Faber
> Long Beach, CA
> CS 2 User
windows or Mac?

If windows:
Adobe are no longer putting thumbnails creation for psd files into the
Windows explorer, they say there is a compatibility problem. .
you can only see them in the built in browser in PS
someone told me to use a certain file from an old version (like 7)
I did it and now I have thumbnails from PSD files back in windows, it is not
recommended but I've had no problems.
others are using 3rd party software Like Thumbsplus to get around it

it started with version CS I don't have CS2 yet